What is WenPump?

Wenpump is the first yield-generating smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain that allows the holder to passively build a long-term portfolio of the 5 largest cryptocurrencies in the world: BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA and USDT. The contract uses a static reward system: 6% of every transaction is allocated to reward the holders with the top 5 coins in terms of market capitalization.

The token was created to get the best of both worlds

  • 1. To have a strong, active, crazy community to send this token to the moon.
  • 2. To have a self generating redistribution mechanism that could build a diversified long term portfolio while we sleep.

  • We also want to build our community around the bustling world of NFTs. Not only will we frequently giveaway NFTs to random lucky holders, we will also create a NFT marketplace where the most promising artwork, chosen by our community, will be listed.


Why invest now ?

In order to become a long term project and bring the most value to our investors, we plan on building an ecosystem around WenPump on the Binance Smart Chain.
Our main projects are:
1. WenPump Dashboard: to allow the investors to follow the reward distribution, the marketing, whale wallets, the WenPump news and daily statistics.
2. WenPump liquidity pools & farming: offer the possibility to investors to Yield farm their assets.
3. NFT marketplace. This is our most exciting and ambitious project. We intend to create a NFT marketplace where artists can sell their beautiful artwork with our WenPump token.



  • 6%Reward in BTC, ETH, ADA, BNB, USDT
  • 9% Pump wallet (marketing, buy back)
  • 2%Auto liquidity pool

Total Tokens: 1 billion


Read Our Documents

In this whitepaper, you can learn more about who we are, what our values are and our promise to our investors


Our team working hardly to achieve the roadmap

PHASE 1 (part 1)
  • Assemble the team (done)
  • Website launched
  • Whitepaper released
  • Presale influencer marketing (Mostly telegram shoutouts)
Phase 1 (part 2)
  • Presale Meme & shilling contests
  • Private presale (objective: 80 BNB)
  • Public presale (softcap: 120 BNB hardcap: 150 BNB)
  • Launch
Phase 2 (part 1)
  • Post launch influencer marketing (Telegram + Twitter + Instragm)
  • Find Wenpump ambassadors
  • Post launch shilling contests
  • Listing on Coingecko
Phase 2 (part 2)
  • Listing on Coinmarketcap
  • Audit released
  • Partnerships with influencers on Youtube, Twitter, & Tiktok
  • Wenpump Dashboard (earnings tracking / portfolio performance)
Phase 3 (part 1)
  • $10M Market Cap
  • Core team doxxed
  • Wenpump Investor Wallet
  • Wenpump Merch Shop
Phase 3 (part 2)
  • Building NFT Marketplace (P2P)
  • Marketing: WenPump goes mainstream
  • More to be announced

Our Partner


Frequently asked questions


As any other investor, we truly believe that diversification is the key to build a stable and profitable long term portfolio. This is why we reward the holders the top 5 market capitalization cryptocurrencies.

Our reward system is triggered if there is sufficient volume (buy + sell activity) to cover gas fees and allow the swap and airdrop of the rewards. If this condition is met, payouts will occur every hour. Otherwise, it may take a few more hours in order to wait for sufficient transaction volume.

The private presale will take place on 29/08/2021 2:30 pm UTC. The public presale will take place on 06/09/2021 2:30 pm UTC. The token will be available for trading on PancakeSwap V2 on 07/09/2021 2:30 pm UTC.

The best way to contact the team is through Telegram. Feel free to reach us if you have any questions, marketing proposal or remarks concerning our project.